Hello World!

I’m Hamstall Ridware, recently escaped from ‘that London’ with my sanity and dignity (just about) intact. Now breathing the fresh air of the Midlands once more I will be sharing my thoughts and observations in poetry and, as a critic once reflected ‘prose with blood pressure.’

 I aim to post often. I move about frequently, but you may guess where I am as I write. I want to capture the real England – mobility scooters, daytime TV, vaping and tanning parlours, grassroots football.

I’d be delighted if you shared the fun. People have said (well, Shayne Sumpter) that ‘Hamster’s a loser’ and I’ve crept home ‘tail between my legs.’ Well Shayne Sumpter and all you other naysayers, Hamstall is back. I might be living in my boxroom bedroom full of Airfix models and incomplete football sticker albums but that was my choice.

Welcome to my take on the real Middle England….

We begin tomorrow with an ode to Hogmanay, the Scottish tradition of drinking and fighting over party packs of sausage rolls and cheesy snacks.

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