Primetime Serial Killer

There are so many serial killers on TV these days I thought I’d write a poem about them….

I’m the serial killer that haunts your dreams
Child of a derivative scriptwriting team
I was eight when Finch held me, flushed my head in the bog
And Spence stole my pants, made me bark like a dog
I was bullied at school, but settled the score
I cut Finch’s brakes, Spence is under my floor
I speak six languages, grandmaster at chess
There’s bleach in my briefcase to clean up the mess
My face is on posters, the most wanted man
Preferring the scalpel to the frying pan
Humiliating me will make me stammer
I choose poison in place of the lump hammer
I read the Bible. I must never falter
I’m naked, spread-eagled, before an altar
Tattoos on my back depict my chilling crimes
Screened between bathroom ads only at peak times
In top hat and gloves, hopelessly archaic
I taunt police, writing clues in Aramaic
Still living with my mother, well technically
She’s taped up in the loft by the Christmas tree aa

3 thoughts on “Primetime Serial Killer

      1. You are welcome. I took an Anthropology course one year at university and studied Hunting Humans by Elliot Leyton, who was also the professor. I’ve always been fascinated by the psychology behind the serial killer and do enjoy many tv series that are based on such. I look forward to your next piece.


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